Our Vision

The world is our community. A world in which every child is educated, every youth is empowered to dream for a better world, every adult has emotional strength and maturity, Compassion and is inspired to give back to the community. A peaceful, harmonious and progressive world. This is our vision.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve underserved children, nurture and support the dreams of youth and to teach the ancient philosophy and its wisdom to inspire to give back.

Our Values

Several fundamental values govern the operating principles of Vidyadhara Foundation. These values define our culture and the way we operate internally and interact with those we serve.

Commitment: Not giving up until desired objectives are met.

Communication: Understand the needs and aspirations of those whom we serve and take appropriate action

Compassion: Feeling identical with those being served

Integrity: Being open and honest in dealings with everyone

Trust and Respect: Treat every one as we would like to be treated by them.

These values are the guiding principles for every decision made and action taken.

founder's statement

“A child without education is like a bird without wings“

– A Tibetan Monk

Our vision is a peaceful, harmonious and progressive world in which every child is educated, every youth is empowered to dream and every adult is emotionally mature, has compassion and is inspired to give back to the community. In short, education and lifelong learning for all at every stage of life.

We strive to see that all children have their wings and that same child when becomes youth is able to fulfill his/her dreams and as an adult lead a life that makes world better place to live. We think that the philosophy of the great thinkers of the past and the wisdom of their teachings can reduce conflicts of today significantly by developing a powerful intellect, compassion and thus transform personality. Therefore, we promote these teachings. Our work empowers all stages of human development of underserved communities and beyond – from child to youth to adult.

our team

Chandra Dulam 

Works in the investment industry in California Bay Area and is a student of Vendata. He volunteers to support philosophy teaching and other projects at Vidyadhara Foundation.

He can be reached at: cdulam@vidyadhara-ca.org

Kirit Khichadia 

Is the founder of a Software company serving the Semiconductor industry for more than 25 years. He is also a student of Vedanta with interest in promoting its teachings. He has volunteered on several projects to promote Vedantic studies, raising funds for education for rural and poor children.  

He can be reached at: kkhichadia@vidyadhara-ca.org

Baldev Madahar 

Is in the venture capital industry in San Francisco/Bay Area focused on start-ups in healthcare field. He is also part of foundations and charitable organizations with mission to eradicate poverty, hunger, and diseases through research and technology innovations. He volunteers to support the projects at Vidyadhara Foundation.

He can be reached at: bmadahar@vidyadhara-ca.org