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The word Vidyadhara is made up of two words. The first word “Vidya” and the second word “Adhara” . In Samskrit, the word Vidya means knowledge and the word Adhara means support. So the combined word Vidyadhara means, support for knowledge. Vidyadhara Foundation is created to support the free flow of knowledge for all.

Vidyadhara Foundation’s primary activities are:

1) Providing support to individual students and teachers.

2) Providing support to Educational institutes which cater to underserved students and communities.

3) Providing support to philosophical studies and teachers who teach.

Vidyadhara Foundation intends to provide support in many different ways for example:

1) Providing direct financial assistance in the form of tuition fees, books, lodging etc… to deserving underserved students

2) Encouraging teachers and/or providing financial assistance to the teachers so that they can provide free education to deserving and underserved students.

3)Providing technology and apps to facilitate studies

4) Conducting workshops for philosophical studies Vidyadhara Foundation will seek volunteers to find qualified students and teachers and schools and manage the entire process.

Every donation received, shall be categorized and recorded as such and overseeing Executive committee shall ensure that the funded money goes to the cause and from time to time shall send Newsletters to donors informing them about the activities and progress.

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